Discover a Fast New Way to Work in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Just Got a Whole Lot More Powerful

X-Author Is the Most Efficient Way to Work in Dynamics CRM

X-Author goes far beyond the standard Dynamics-to-Excel integration by making Excel a completely native, bi-directional, real-time user interface for Dynamics CRM users. Any number of users can be using the same template simultaneously to update Dynamics and instantly see all changes made by other users as they refresh their data. And a template can include any type of calculation, macro, or chart.

Achieve 100% Dynamics CRM Adoption

Users want to be in Excel because they get work done faster than in their CRM.   X-Author provides a safe way to keep users in Dynamics CRM but lets them work in the app they know—Excel. Excel is just the user interface—all data, permissions, controls, and routing remain in Dynamics CRM governing what end users can do in Excel.

And it’s not just simple list views. With X-Author, a workbook can include form, list, and matrix layouts that span unlimited Dynamics CRM entities. For example, a user can create an entire quote with online product lookups, pricing, and approvals all from Excel. And with a single click, X-Author will create the quote header, line items, and all related data simultaneously.

With X-Author, users can keep using Excel and work in Dynamics CRM at the same time, raising CRM adoption toward 100% with zero enterprise risk.

Turn Excel Processes into Enterprise Applications

With X-Author’s versatile mapping and action architecture, users can take an existing standalone spreadsheet process and make it an enterprise app. This means that users continue to use the Excel layout that has been crafted over years while the enterprise benefits from a centralized, controlled, secured data store with rules, reporting, permissions, and approvals. No more copying and pasting workbooks into other workbooks. No more routing via email. No more version control headaches. No more data strewn across the enterprise.

  • Users keep working in a familiar spreadsheet layout
  • Data is stored in Dynamics CRM with enterprise controls
  • Users can instantly see changes other users have made
  • All data is instantly available for reporting across all users
  • The Excel template is standardized to a single version
  • Multiple users can access the same template simultaneously
  • All Excel calculations, macros, and other functionality are incorporated

Experience a Better Administration Tool

Managing CRM deployments can require a lot of data maintenance and data migration—with X-Author these tasks just got easier. Go beyond the capabilities of other data maintenance tools with X-Author, save time, and even delegate administrative tasks safely to business teams.

  • Work Native in Excel with real time integration with Dynamics CRM
  • Work with data using an unlimited number of entities simultaneously
  • Reusable templates
  • Maintain and migrate data for any number of entities from one Excel workbook
  • Enjoy time savings of 80% for regular administrative tasks

Add a Convenient Reporting Option

Dynamics CRM provides superb Excel reporting and analytics—and they’re even better with X-Author. X-Author allows you to create reusable templates with any type of data formatting, embedded charting, configurable menu-driven guidance, formulas, and macros. These can then be made accessible by specific users or groups.

        • Don’t worry about sending the wrong data—visibility is controlled by Dynamics CRM.
        • Virtually eliminate one-off and manual reporting tasks