Last week at Apttus Accelerate, we created history again. Kirk Krappe, Apttus CEO, talked about seizing your defining moment, and how it can mean the difference between success and failure. David Blaine, world-renowned magician, put an ice pick through his hand without showing any pain, and without drawing any blood. Microsoft and Salesforce MVPs came together onstage to discuss common CRM challenges and their steps to overcome them – making it clear that Admins face similar and relatable pain points, no matter the CRM system.

The CRM Admin at Accelerate

One thing I learned from Accelerate is that CRM Admins, regardless of the platform, all face similar challenges:

  • How can you increase user adoption of CRM?
  • How can you get quality work from consultants at a fair price?
  • How do you build efficiency into routine processes?
  • How do you convince users that “just because we’ve always done it that way” doesn’t make it right?

The Salesforce Community has a saying to describe all these issues: That’s why Admin’s drink. At Accelerate, this session was scheduled to take place just before the happy hour. Was that just a coincidence? I think not!

Trending in CRM Admin

In early 2017, Apttus conducted a global survey of CRM administrators to discover what is trending for 2017. Among the top 10 job priorities for CRM admins were increasing productivity, enhancing the user experience and improving data accuracy. In the Why Admins Drink, and How to Break the Cycle session from Accelerate, the speakers also added concepts like providing proper end user training, and seeking support from the platform community to the list of coping mechanisms.

Celebrate Small CRM Victories

Whatever celebratory method you use, be sure to celebrate every small CRM victory. Together, they all add up to success!

As for me, after a very busy week at Apttus Accelerate, I’m likely to tweet out a new hashtag, and that’s #WhyAdminsSleep.



Want to learn more about Admin Trends and Challenges in 2017? Watch the on-demand webinar and download the complete survey report.

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