Salesforce MVP
Apttus is thrilled to feature its latest installment of the Salesforce MVP of the Month program, in which we spotlight the exceptional leaders of the Salesforce Ecosystem that have lent us their expertise, knowledge, and ongoing contributions, ensuring both our individual improvements and the betterment of the platform as a whole. It’s thanks to these individuals that our daily questions have been answered on the Success Community, difficult admin tasks have been made easier, and even empowered some of us to get certified.

For October, 2017, the Salesforce MVP of the Month is Deepa Patel. Unlike the “Accidental Admins” we hear so much about, Deepa’s first introduction to Salesforce was working on a data migration project. Read on to hear how that went, and to learn more about Deepa!

1.  How and when did you get started with the Salesforce ecosystem? What was your first role and initial reaction to the platform? I got started with Salesforce in 2010 when I was introduced to AdvologixPM, a practice management system built on Salesforce platform. My very first project was working with Mr. Pete Fife migrating data from Lexis Nexis Time Matters to AdvologixPM. I was thrilled to have a successful migration on my very first project.

2.   What is your favorite thing to do in Salesforce and why?   My favorite thing to do on Salesforce is learn the product and expand my knowledge so that I can contribute to the community. It is this passion that has allowed me to excel my career and now I am looking forward to sharing this knowledge with the community via my book, “Beyond CRM Basics – An MVP Guide To Expand Your Knowledge And Grow Your Career” now available on Amazon.

3.   What is your (or your client’s) top pain point in Salesforce?  Training. Yes, the thing that costs the most. I have always found all the end user frustrations and problems are not due to the way Salesforce is setup (although there are times when it is not setup right), it is lack of end users knowing how to use the system. Every client I have or every company I know about, always trims budget on training. Since executives don’t take the time to learn, it ends up becoming a trickling effect and eventually end users give up. Training is the most crucial piece and most businesses need to spend time and money on training.
Salesforce MVP
Salesforce MVP
4.   The AppExchange has thousands of apps. For custom things you (or your client) need, do you build or buy, and why?   Buy for sure. I firmly believe in, “Why reinvent the wheel, when there is someone who has already built the solution for you.” The time and money that you will spend with the solution design, development, testing and deployment will far outweigh the cost of purchasing and implementing an AppExchange product.
5.   Many Community members depend on MVPs to get their questions answered. Who do you turn to when you have a tough question that needs to be answered?  I turn to my MVP Ohana. We have our channel and that is the first place I ask my question before I reach out to anyone else. I have always had someone help me out and I have a resolution to my question within hours. That is the power of the MVP Ohana.
Salesforce MVP
Salesforce MVP

6.   What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting a career in the Salesforce Ecosystem? 

The sky is the limit. Dream big and shoot for the stars. Salesforce is one ecosystem where there is equality for both women and men to be successful and get recognized. I don’t know of any other technology platform that has that level of Equality.


The most important thing for a new admin is, to not only focus on getting certifications, but also getting good experience to enhance your practical implementation knowledge. Find a good company you can call home and a company that will believe in you and help you grow as a Salesforce admin and as a human being.

7.   We all know there is life outside Salesforce. What do you enjoy doing when you are off the platform?  I am an artist and I love working with paper and fabrics. I do three-dimensional artwork. I also love to cook. I tell people, I could have been a chef. But, I am glad to be the “Geek” that I am.

Connect with Deepa on LinkedIn and check out her new book “Beyond CRM Basics: An MVP Guide to Expand Your Knowledge and Grow Your Career” now available on Amazon.

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