Apttus is thrilled to feature its latest installment of the Salesforce MVP of the Month program, in which we spotlight the exceptional leaders of the Salesforce Ecosystem that have lent us their expertise, knowledge, and ongoing contributions, ensuring both our individual improvements and the betterment of the platform as a whole. It’s thanks to these individuals that our daily questions have been answered on the Success Community, difficult admin tasks have been made easier, and even empowered some of us to get certified.
For July, 2017, the Salesforce MVP of the Month is Bonny Hinners. Unlike the “Accidental Admins” we hear so much about, Bonny learned about Salesforce from the Developer side, building out solutions for nonprofits, after getting her first Developer org in 2004. Now let’s meet Bonny!
1.  How and when did you get started with the Salesforce ecosystem? What was your first role and initial reaction to the platform? I got my first developer org in 2004 and started creating custom solutions for nonprofits in 2005. I loved the fact that they donated licenses to nonprofits and I could use it to solve just about any data or collaboration problem a business might be having.
2.   What is your favorite thing to do in Salesforce and why?   My favorite thing is working with startups and nonprofits, both of which usually want to maximize their investment in Salesforce by putting as much business on the platform as possible. They usually have the most interesting projects.
3.   What is your (or your client’s) top pain point in Salesforce?  I’m not sure it is a pain point, but the capabilities of custom Lightning Components certainly causes us to do a lot of research and rethinking right now. It is more of a point of great promise!
4.   The AppExchange has thousands of apps. For custom things you (or your client) need, do you build or buy, and why?   I love the apps, but as a developer, I love to code as well. When the client’s needs can’t exactly be met with existing apps, it sure is fun to create something from scratch just for them.
5.   Many Community members depend on MVPs to get their questions answered. Who do you turn to when you have a tough question that needs to be answered?  Trailhead and the community are great ways to learn new ways of doing things when you get stuck or need inspiration. You can also find great resources on Pluralsight, where I’ve published a couple of courses, as have a couple of other MVPs.
6.   What piece of advice would you give to someone who is just starting a career in the Salesforce Ecosystem?  Three releases a year mean that there is always something new and exciting to learn on the platform. There are a lot of ways to learn new skills and you should explore them all to make sure you know how to get the most current, accurate and thorough information.
7.   We all know there is life outside Salesforce. What do you enjoy doing when you are off the platform?  When I am not coding, you can find me hanging from bars in trapeze class.

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Want to hear Bonny speak? Replay her session from Accelerate 2017: Automate Business Processes with Point-and-Click Solutions. Click below to download the presentation deck.