User adoption is a huge issue for companies using CRM. How can you get the ROI you expect from the system if you can’t get people to utilize it? One of the biggest drivers to increasing user adoption is having a great user experience, one that is so good, the users will choose to use CRM over any other method of doing work. The same thing can be said when it comes to providing internal CRM support to your users.

Email is NOT a CRM Support System

When building out an internal user support process, you should avoid using Email. There are many issues that arise from using email for support and enhancement requests:

  1. Certain users will email their favorite Admin directly, hoping for special treatment. What this can cause is an uneven workload among Admins.
  2. Emails can get lost or deleted easily.
  3. You can’t really prioritize emails. You flag mark emails as “important” but how do you know which of those important emails really need to be addressed NOW as opposed to in 3 weeks or even later!
  4. Email causes stress & distractions. Do you look at email every time you get a notification? Do certain people follow-up too often, later the same day, for example – before you have even had a chance to review and respond?

The Telephone is NOT a CRM Support System

As convenient as it is for users to simply pick up the phone and call or text about an issue, it is equally inconvenient for the person on the other end. Similar to email, it’s an un-prioritized interruption in their day. There are some emergency reasons why a phone call makes sense, like when you are at the registration desk of a crowded event, and suddenly the registration website crashes. That is most certainly call-worthy. Simply forgetting your password and needing it reset, is not. Most CRM applications have a forgot your password link right on the login screen so the forgetful user can get back in business quickly with self-service.


Use Your CRM!

There’s a solution to this, and it’s the very tool you are helping to drive user adoption and ROI: your CRM. Use the flexibility and customization features that your CRM system already has to build out a Support App! It can be as simple or complex as you want or need it to be. Think through the entire process.

Start with how the end user would submit a request. Only include the only a minimal number of necessary fields, utilize pick-lists and validation rules to help standardize data, and auto-populate where you can based on lookups from the logged in user.

Next, determine how requests would get queued and prioritized for your admins. Build out automation where you can to determine what priority level is needed due to the severity of the issue or if the request is for an enhancement.

Don’t forget to build in an auto-feedback loop so the person submitting the request gets a notification that the request has been received, that it is being processed, etc.

Finally, don’t forget to build out proper tools for measuring progress on completion of the requests. This will not only help keep your Admins on track, but also help show the value of the process to others in the organization. All while increasing user adoption and ROI of CRM throughout your company!

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