X-Author for Sales

Maximize your CRM Productivity

Why X-Author for Sales?

You need great tools that allow you to focus on what you do best: closing the deal. That’s why sales professionals love X-Author. X-Author lets you work in your CRM the way you want—even offline—saving you time and effort. X-Author allows you to spend less time updating your CRM records, so you have more time to spend winning customers.

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Sales

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Manage Your Opportunities Faster

Work with your Opportunities in a familiar Excel environment and manage your pipeline 10x faster. With the option to update CRM with one click right from Excel, you can quickly see which records need updates and what you need to do to close your next deal.

Easy CRM Multitasking

View and update all the details of your Accounts, Opportunities, Activities, Contacts, and custom record types in a single Excel view. X-Author puts all your deal information in a single real-time workbook so you can understand, update, and manage your pipeline more easily. Crush your quota with the ultimate Excel Sales productivity app.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Quote Quickly in Excel

Combine Excel’s powerful formulas and user interface with up-to-the-minute CRM data to generate accurate price quotes. Load pricing to CRM with a single click, eliminating errors and saving time. X-Author is a powerful addition to Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions, or works on its own to accelerate quoting processes.

Get Insight To Negotiate Deals

Instantly calculate deal cost, ROI, NPV, or any other metric you use to measure deal value—right from your CRM. Use X-Author power to give your customers a price or a decision in real time, instead of hours or days later, and close the deal before your competition can react.

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X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

X-Author Means Extra Wins

With X-Author you don’t have to learn new software or comply with new procedures—X-Author maximizes the power of the platforms you already use to get you to your goals. Contact us to learn how Sales teams around the world use X-Author to drive a significant increase in CRM adoption and Sales effectiveness. Gain a new edge over your competition with X-Author.

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