X-Author for Sales Operations

Reach Full CRM Adoption

Why X-Author for Sales Operations?

X-Author is the secret sauce you’ve been missing to get your sales team to use CRM—and to get your work done in record time. Now reps can work in Excel, where they are most productive, and use their time savings to sell even more. You’re also more productive when you can seamlessly pair Excel and CRM for your regular tasks, such as territory management and compensation. With X-Author, your sales team will be using CRM in greater numbers than you ever thought possible.

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Sales Operations

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Let Reps Manage Opportunities Fast

Empower Sales to work with their Opportunities in a familiar Excel environment, so they can manage their pipeline 10x faster. With the option to update CRM with one click right from Excel, sales teams comply with all required CRM update policies and can use the extra time to blow past their quotas.

Forecast with Less Effort

Easily organize and track information for each salesperson, product, promotion, channel, or any other data in CRM. Distribute reports to the field using your CRM to manage data access and display easily. Discover and share insights faster, so you can stay on top of trends affecting sales goals—without spending time and resources on difficult and inflexible reporting tools

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Control Your Realignments

Quickly compile the data you need from CRM to align Territories, Accounts, Opportunities, or any other information you need to assign your sales force. Use the power of Excel to make adjustments, then save updates back to CRM with a single click. With X-Author realignments are quick and error-free—and no longer dependent on IT to move data.

Split Commissions With Ease

Some CRM doesn’t offer native ability to split commissions, forcing workarounds or purchase of additional tools. With X-Author, you gain complete sales compensation capabilities within your system of record.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

X-Author isn’t another tool that solves a single problem—it’s the best of CRM and Excel brought together in a new burst of productivity. Contact us to learn how other X-Author customers are revolutionizing Sales Operations with X-Author. Discover the platform that Sales leaders, Sales executives, and Sales support teams can all agree on—with X-Author, you’ve found a win-win for everyone.

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