X-Author for Nonprofits

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

Why X-Author for Nonprofits?

Every nonprofit uses Excel, but they often lack a system of record, like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to achieve a 360-degree view of their constituency and manage the members of their community. Even if they do have a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, also referred to by nonprofit organizations as donor management software and systems for fundraising, staff and volunteers might not know how to use it or they might stick to the more familiar Microsoft Excel. This results in disparate systems, duplicate data, inefficient processes, high training costs or low data quality. If you don’t have one central and correct source of truth to manage volunteers, donations, or services, it can be hard to establish effective processes that encourage efficient use of funds, volunteers as champions and impactful ways to support your org.

Optimize your CRM system by enabling your staff and volunteers to continue working in Excel to update and manage your CRM system. Build and maintain staff capacity by enabling them to continue working in the familiar and fast Excel user interface to update records in your CRM system. Better manage donor and funder expectations through accurate reporting with live CRM data. Boost CRM adoption and minimize training costs by allowing your users to work where they already know how to work.

Use X-Author for Excel for better:


  • Event & Donor Management
  • Activity Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Volunteer Management
  • Grant Management
  • Fundraising Products, Auctions & Services
  • And more!

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Nonprofits

X-Author Screenshot

Boost CRM Adoption

Enable users and volunteers to use the familiar and fast Excel interface to work in your CRM system. Excel becomes the CRM user experience, so your staff can do their CRM processes at Excel speed and update your CRM system with one click. X-Author makes it extremely easy to edit and create CRM records, including Contacts, Campaigns and Activities, or any other standard or custom object. Users can use Excel anywhere and at any time, and then sync the data back to your CRM system when they’re back online.

Control Training Costs

Reduce volunteer training time by enabling them to continue working in the fast and familiar Excel interface. X-Author helps to minimize volunteer attrition rate and reduce the need for CRM training due to the familiarity and intuitive nature of the Excel user interface. Give volunteers another reason to become champions of your organization with X-Author.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Realize the ROI from Your CRM Investment

One-click CRM integration allows you to create, track and correlate grants, donations and funds. Easily create budgets by event, region, donor or any other characteristic tracked in your CRM. Instantly view real-time CRM data in Excel to track resource utilization, and add Excel calculations to discover metrics of value, capacity usage, and other measures of performance.

Enhance Data Quality and Speed up Data Migration

Mass update any number of CRM records for any number of objects from one workbook. Modify records with Excel functionality, including sorting, search-and-replace and formulas. One-click updating makes CRUD operations unbelievably fast and easy – with no limits on upserts or object relationships. All tasks, such as importing lists and deduping data, are instantly faster and more accurate.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Do More of What You Love

With X-Author, you and your volunteers don’t need to learn new software or comply with new procedures – X-Author maximizes the power of the platforms you already use to ensure you’re spending time helping the organizations and people who need you. Contact us to learn how Nonprofit teams around the world use X-Author to continue helping their communities.

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