X-Author for Marketing

Automate and Accelerate Your Tasks

Why X-Author for Marketing?

Modern marketing uses a huge number of tools and tactics—but leveraging each tool and syncing back to CRM can be a massive burden. With X-Author, you can easily create applications for every project and process, even using your legacy Excel workbooks. Now you have a solution that eliminates errors, does away with data drudgery, and identifies new insights. With X-Author you can spend your time executing strategies to win more business instead of setting up your spreadsheets.

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Marketing

X-Author Screenshot

Blazing Fast Pricing Management

Easily calculate and update any number of prices in Excel, then upload to CRM pricing databases with one click. Now you can manage pricing without hours of tedious manual effort.

Create Promotions with Less Effort

Use a customized view of CRM records—such as sales, pipeline, or prior promotional activity—to identify and assign products for promotional pricing, events, and campaigns. Promotional decisions are now simple and streamlined—saving you time and grunt work.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Create Better Campaigns

Review Contact and Lead information in Excel, where it is easy to sort and filter, to select members of a campaign. Use the visibility provided by Excel to ensure you can quickly and accurately choose the right targets for any marketing activity, then load your campaign to CRM with a single click.

Report in Real Time

Update Excel charts, pivot tables, and dashboards using live data from your CRM. Send out report templates only once—and say goodbye to internal distribution lists, version control issues, and one-off requests. X-Author reporting lets your stakeholders continue to use Excel to view your latest results, and lets you focus on beating the last quarter instead of endlessly formatting reports.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Power Up Excel with X-Author

X-Author helps marketing teams turn Excel workbooks into true enterprise applications. Whether your marketing department is just you, or spans the globe, X-Author solutions are easy to deploy and scale. Contact us to learn more about the many ways marketers are using X-Author to make their jobs easier. You no longer have to choose whether to run a project from CRM or from Excel—with X-Author you get the best of both worlds.

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