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Save Time and Boost Your Productivity

Why X-Author for Administrators & IT?

X-Author is your secret weapon for improving business effectiveness across the enterprise. With X-Author, you can provide solutions that make teams more productive, raise adoption, and speed up your own time-consuming tasks. Complete your administrator tasks at record speed, saving 80% of time spent on loading, maintaining, and migrating CRM data. Give your teams what they want, and empower them to work in Excel to update and report on their CRM data. Use point-and-click controls to build applications that dramatically reduce effort and eliminate errors in your company’s business processes.

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Administrators and IT

X-Author Screenshot

Migrate Data Faster

Migrate data between orgs 80% faster than with legacy tools. Move data for unlimited objects simultaneously, without limits on object relationships—all with no programming, and from a single Excel workbook.

Maintain Data From One Workbook

Mass update any number of CRM records for any number of objects from one workbook. Modify records with Excel functionality, including sorting, search-and-replace, and formulas. One-click updating makes CRUD operations unbelievably fast and easy—with no limits on upserts or object relationships.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

A Better Way To Manage User Profiles

Put an end to tedious, one-at-a-time updates to user profiles. Instead, use X-Author to easily add new users, mass update user information, and adjust attributes from a single view in Excel. All permissions and other user details can be managed from a searchable worksheet, then saved back to your CRM with a single click.

Share Data Simply

Sharing data is a chore, especially when the need is infrequent or simply intended as a test. Avoid expensive and slow data integrations with customers, partners, suppliers, and other corporate divisions when full integration isn’t needed. Instead, use Excel as a mechanism to transfer data seamlessly between CRM and other databases, and move data correctly and in record time.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

One Platform, Unlimited Solutions

Administrators and IT have delivered hundreds of unique solutions with X-Author. Contact us to learn more about how X-Author customers are boosting productivity and saving time in their organizations. With X-Author, you are a CRM strategist—anything you can imagine, you can achieve for your entire business.

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