X-Author for Finance

Maximize the value of your CRM

Why X-Author for Finance?

If you can’t use CRM for your critical processes and systems, then you need X-Author. All the data you need from Sales is now right at your fingertips, and in the format you need. Populate your Excel templates automatically with only the data you want, and send results back to the correct CRM records with a single click—no copy-and-paste errors, no inefficiencies, and no handoffs. Now you can raise productivity and gain value from your company’s CRM investment.

Powerful Ways to Use X-Author for Finance

X-Author Screenshot

Seamless Budgeting

Take advantage of one-click CRM integration to create, track, and correlate budgets. Easily create budgets by activity, department, individual, or any other characteristic tracked in your CRM.

Forecast Faster

Automatically populate existing Excel workbooks with up-to-date CRM records—such as Contracts, Opportunities, or custom objects—so you can forecast, then load results back to your CRM with one click.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Automate Demand Planning

Instantly view real-time CRM data in Excel to track resource utilization, and add Excel calculations to discover metrics of value, capacity usage, and other measures of performance.

Schedule Revenue Without Hassle

Instantly populate your Excel workbooks with current CRM data, powering revenue recognition, renewal scheduling, billing, and other recurring financial processes. Skip the hours of manual data copying and cross-checking with X-Author.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Expand Your Abilities With X-Author

Your existing Excel processes become enterprise-grade using X-Author. Contact us to discover how finance teams are using X-Author to combine Excel and CRM, and gain the best capabilities of both platforms. Don’t waste time on manual and repetitive tasks—use X-Author to accelerate and take control of the most important parts of your job.

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