Increase Salesforce Chatter Usage and Adoption

X-Author Connects Chatter to Microsoft Office, Boosting Chatter Usage and Value

X-Author is the solution that enables Salesforce users everywhere to get the most out of Chatter. With X-Author for Chatter, users can access Chatter right from Microsoft Office applications. X-Author for Chatter works with Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to allow users to collaborate, quickly post text and files, open files from Salesforce, and manage document versions—all without leaving the desktop.

Connect Salesforce and Microsoft Office

X-Author for Chatter offers simple, yet powerful capabilities to integrate Salesforce and the Office suite. Save emails, attachments, and documents directly to Salesforce objects from inside Office applications. Open Salesforce files right from Office, and attach Salesforce files right to emails.

Salesforce Document Version Control

Use X-Author for Chatter to check-in and check-out documents from Chatter Files and Salesforce standard and customer objects. Now teams can ensure document versioning is maintained when multiple individuals are working on a document from any location.

Salesforce Collaboration with Chatter on the Desktop

Use the convenience of X-Author for Chatter to share messages, attachments, and any part of a file.

  • Within Excel, share cells, worksheets, or an entire workbook to a Chatter feed.
  • In PowerPoint, share any selected content, individual slides, or an entire presentation to Chatter.
  • In Word, share any content or the entire document to Chatter feeds.
  • In Outlook, share email messages and attachment to Chatter feeds or any Salesforce object. Quickly attach Salesforce files to new emails and copy emails to Chatter groups.