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X-Author by Apttus: The Most Capable CRM-Excel Connector

Only X-Author can deliver full CRM adoption, turn manual spreadsheet processes into powerful applications, simplify data administration, and make CRM reporting easier—all without any programming. With X-Author, you keep all the familiarity and flexibility of Excel while maintaining the security of your CRM. X-Author is easy enough for small businesses and powerful enough for global enterprises. Theres no limit to the productivity applications you can deploy with X-Author and your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Achieve Full CRM Adoption

You can’t capture the benefits of CRM unless your users adopt it. X-Author creates sustained user adoption by seamlessly connecting Excel to CRM, so your users can update records entirely from Excel.

  • Use Salesforce workflows, rules, and permissions in Excel
  • Create and update many records at the same time
  • Eliminate double entry and data entry errors
  • Realize time savings of 90% or more

Automate Manual Excel Processes

Turn your standalone, manual Excel spreadsheets into enterprise applications. X-Author transforms legacy Excel spreadsheets into templates, with data, security, routing, and reporting entrusted to CRM. It’s the perfect way to increase collaboration and speed.

  • Connect Excel with any number of Salesforce objects or Dynamics CRM entities in any number of worksheets
  • Keep existing Excel spreadsheets—no change management required
  • Eliminate version issues, lost data, copy-and-paste errors, and bottlenecks
  • Reduce process completion times dramatically, from weeks to hours
X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Discover a Better Administration Tool

If you manage large CRM instances, you know that data maintenance and migration can be a full-time chore—but it doesn’t have to be. X-Author goes beyond the capabilities of other Excel-linked tools to save you more time and empower you to delegate administrative tasks to business teams.

  • Control multiple objects in a single Excel workbook
  • Manage entire hierarchies with a single click
  • Delegate tasks back to the business teams—because X-Author protects your CRM data from unauthorized changes
  • See typical time savings of 80% for your regular jobs

Perform Complex Calculations Easily in Salesforce

Say goodbye to complicated and hard-to-troubleshoot validation rules and Apex code. X-Author places the full power of Excel formulas and macros into your CRM. You can create accelerated decision tools that give your Sales and other teams business answers in real time—right within a Salesforce record.

  • Perform any calculation at the touch of a button in Salesforce
  • Populate results into records in just a few seconds
  • Gain instant insights that used to take hours or days
  • Use faster responses to close more deals faster, boost margins, and increase customer satisfaction
X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Create Reporting That’s Always Current

You’ll never send a report by email again—or spend hours updating dashboards to accommodate a small change. X-Author can send CRM data to Excel templates distributed across your company, so you can upgrade your reporting capabilities beyond your CRM package.

  • Never worry about sending the wrong data—visibility is controlled by CRM permissions
  • All users work from one template—no more one-offs
  • Increase data usage rates
  • Virtually eliminate manual report-generation tasks

Solutions for the Entire Organization

ITSave Time and Boost Your Business

Enjoy faster data administration for any number of CRM instancess, and gain the simplicity and power of Excel for all maintenance and migration tasks. Create powerful applications that transform how your teams work—so you can spend your time boosting business results, not performing repetitive tasks.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsElevate Results and Visibility

Embrace Excel as a complete data entry, data update, and reporting interface for CRM, saving your reps hours every week so they can crush their quotas. Depend on X-Author and CRM to deliver precise forecasting and compensation with the tools you already have.

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salesWork the Way You Want

Work in CRM either in the browser or in Excel—the choice is yours. Spend less time updating records so you have more time to win deals. With X-Author, you can view pipeline and other reporting right in Excel, and even work offline and sync to CRM later. X-Author means speed and flexibility.

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marketingTurn Tasks Into Powerful Processes

Power up your promotions, campaign analysis, pricing, distribution, and other Excel-based processes with CRM integration. Regular tasks are error-free and take a fraction of the time with X-Author—and don’t require learning new software just to perform a single task.

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Persona_ECommerce_FinanceAdd Salesforce And Add Control

Speed up planning, review, and calculation by combining Excel formulas and CRM controls. X-Author creates a new productivity experience—so you can gain from the power of CRM for both regular and one-time needs.

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