I need to boost user productivity fast. Help!

Dear Admin,

We just got our marching orders from the new leadership team. CRM needs to become the source of truth for our company. I’m thrilled with that decision, because I’ve been struggling to make that happen since we first went live. Now that its a company mandate, I need some sure fire ways to increase user productivity, because that’s the only way I’m going to boost adoption and get CRM to really become the one and only source of truth. Can you help me?

Thrilled but Scared

Dear My Thrilled but Scared,

Oh wow, do I know that feeling all too well! You’ve been hard at work to make something happen, hitting brick walls and tripping over every crack in the sidewalk for a while, and BOOM! Management comes out and says “Starting soon, everyone will be using CRM for everything.” and you immediately breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve been trying to preach that for a while. Then you take that sip of coffee and it hits you like a ton of bricks – you’ve been trying to make that happen with little success for quite a while. Joy and elation are suddenly replaced with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Relax! Take another sip of your coffee. I’ve got some surefire ways to show you that will get you on track fast!

Baby Steps

When looking to increase user productivity, don’t try to fix every issue at once. Break things down into small, manageable pieces. Examine your current processes one step at a time. How do your user currently put a new opportunity into CRM? What data is absolutely essential? Then rebuild those processes using the all the tools available within CRM. Automate where it makes sense, and where process automation cannot be done, build in as much intelligence as possible by using validation rules, picklists, etc.

Then Look Outside

Once you’ve exhausted the possibilities with native CRM capabilities, look to the AppExchange for partner apps to help fill the gaps. There are hundreds of apps available to address nearly all the challenges typically faced by CRM administrators and users. There are apps for Contract Management, Financial Accounting and more! Do your users spend a lot of time working in Excel spreadsheets, then transferring data to CRM? Get connected with X-Author for Excel to increase accuracy and speed.

And Finally Look Within

One thing CRM Administrators sometimes need to be reminded about is to look at their own processes. Chances are there are improvements to be made there as well, which will free up your precious time to be able to drive more productivity improvements down to your end users.

I hope your coffee cup is full because now you should have some great things brewing to help boost productivity and adoption. Good luck!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin

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