Dear Admin,

I’m new to Salesforce and just heard about Dreamforce. A few friends of mine have attended in the past and they tell me it’s an awesome event…a MUST attend event. I need to convince my manager to make the investment in the trip to San Francisco and the week away from the office. It’s expensive, please help me!

Dreamin’ about Dreamforce


Dear Dreamin’ about Dreamforce,

Welcome to the Salesforce Community! It’s a great place to network and learn. Since you are looking for more details about Dreamforce, I would suggest you join the All Dreamforce and New to Dreamforce groups on the Salesforce Success Community. Those are both great places to meet like-minded people who are new to Salesforce or new to the big event. Be sure to visit the official Dreamforce website too. It’s the place to find all the details about the event from who keynote speakers will be, what topics will be in breakout sessions and where to find all the great partners in the Expo. Now to your bigger question: how to convince your manager to send you!

Why You Should Attend Dreamforce

Previous attendees of Dreamforce have reported seeing increases in sales productivity of over 35%, customer retention of 20%, and marketing campaign effectiveness of over 25% by implementing techniques gained from Dreamforce. Metrics like that should certainly get your manager’s attention. No matter what your role, or what industry your company is in, the education gained from attending can provide similar benefits. Salesforce has even built out an ROI calculator where you can provide some of your own metrics to determine your expected event ROI.

What’s on the Minds of Admins

Apttus did a survey of global CRM Admins in early 2017 to see what challenges they anticipated facing through out the year, and what metrics they would be tracking. Some of these topics will very likely be discussed during the many breakout sessions at Dreamforce.

Beyond the Dollars

The benefits from attending Dreamforce go way beyond those you can measure in time or dollars. With over 150,000 people attending the event, just think about the possibilities of who you might meet. Perhaps you’ll rub elbows with some of the Salesforce Product Managers, Trailhead Team or even the biggest Salesforce advocates out there who don’t work for Salesforce, the Salesforce MVPs!  No mater who you meet, you’ll certainly meet a few people who will brighten your day, share a great story with you and perhaps even improve your Twitter feed!

Need just a little more incentive for your manager to approve your trip? How about $100 off your registration? Just use promo code D7EMATPS when you register to claim your $100 discount.

I hope that helps, and you that you will be on your way to booking your trip to Dreamforce very soon.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin

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