Excel and CRM


Capstone Capital Consulting is a team of financial services professionals with extensive experience in the investment management space. As a leader in the senior life settlement market, it cannot afford to make mistakes or prolong data-based decisions. Yet inefficient work processes were putting the company at risk of doing so.


The Complexities

Capstone’s work with clients often involves execution of a series of complex, multi-party financial transaction, all of which must be correctly recorded in Capstone’s CRM. To input these into Salesforce, an employee would manually validate and enter data for each transaction. To process 50 transactions took about four hours due to multiple clicks and almost constant toggling between Salesforce and spreadsheets.

Additionally, Capstone’s Chief Investment Officer needs to monitor and manage money and investments associated with each account to ensure profitability. This requires the ability to easily view and manipulate data, as well as keep all the data in sync so it is consistent throughout the organization. At the same time, the CFO handles numerous accounting projects, whose data must also be reflected in Salesforce.

One can quickly understand how time consuming, and potentially error-prone it could be to dump data from QuickBooks into spreadsheets, manipulate that data and then manually enter in Salesforce. Since the CFO was most conformable working in spreadsheets, he would use Excel to create reports. Analyzing data and compiling reports could take up to three months, by which time the data would often be irrelevant.


The Solution: It’s Still Excel, Only Better

Recognizing the need for efficient, accurate and fast financial reporting, Capstone began to research solutions to satisfy this business model. X-Author for Excel from Apttus completely met the requirements for a straightforward, intuitive solution that worked seamlessly with Salesforce, while enabling employees to continue using the familiar Excel interface.

Vasu Vijay, Chief Technology Officer at Capstone said, “With X-Author for Excel, we can make decisions in the moment using dynamic, live data based upon on-demand reports that provide an overview of where the business stands and which power moves we should make next. As a result, we can focus more on negotiating strategic transactions and what really matters.”

The Key Benefits

  • Reduced time needed to enter CRM data by 94%, from 4 hours to 15 minutes
  • Lowered the time to process financial data from three months to less than one week
  • Inspired confidence in data-driven business decisions
  • Improved data accuracy by eliminating manual processes and simplifying data de-duplication

To learn more about how Capstone Capital Consulting maximized the value from Salesforce data, download the case study now.

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