Pace Industries is North America’s leading full-service aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting company, offering a wide array of capabilities and services. Pace offers unmatched value-added services that include engineering support, design, shot blasting, complex machining, impregnation, tumbling, chromating, wet painting, powder coating, polishing, assembly and other finishing services.

The Business Challenge

Pace wanted to move away from its Microsoft Excel-based quote worksheets for cost modeling to an advanced cloud-based solution with Salesforce. Since not every department in the company was on Salesforce, the company was not able to consolidate all information in one location which could aid in making better decisions in areas like determining market pricing.

Pace wanted to collect all their costs for reporting purposes, as well as to create accountability and visibility in the process – all inside Salesforce. They also wanted to reduce the potential of human errors in areas like the elimination of emailed spreadsheets, either internally or outside the organization.

“Before Apttus, we were kind of overwhelmed and didn’t know how we were going to enter all the data on Excel spreadsheets into Salesforce…”

John Wisdom, Director of Marketing, Pace Industries

The Solution

After exploring various options including building a website, working with other integrators to connect to Salesforce or considering other standalone vendors, Pace decided on X-Author for Excel. With X-Author for Excel, Pace was able to seamlessly get employees to do their quote worksheets and include pertinent information in Salesforce. For instance, as an employee is,  working on his quote worksheet, the X-Author app grabs the rates structure from Salesforce and brings it into the spreadsheet, allowing him to determine Pace’s costs before pushing back to the Opportunity on the proposal.

Key Features and Benefits


  1. Ability to use Excel and its worksheets in Salesforce
  2. Latest Excel data from all users is centralized in one location and available in real time
  3. Seamless and easy for all departments and users to get onto Salesforce as they just need to leverage one Excel template
  4. Maintain data integrity and minimize human errors with Salesforce permission and controls


  1. Elimination of silo spreadsheets and increased Salesforce adoption and usage
  2. Greatly accelerated business performance through creation of required reports
  3. Streamlined communication when a single source of information was made available to everyone
  4. Added a layer of accountability, improved visibility, and control over entire process
  5. Prevented data leakage as data was consolidated in one location during collaboration

After implementing X-Author for Excel, John Wisdom says, “With X-Author for Excel, we added security we
were missing, and added a layer of accountability that we didn’t have before.”

Download the full Pace Industries case study here.


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