Salesforce Admins have a love-hate relationship with data migration. For some it’s like oil and water, a difficult combination to properly mix in order to achieve the full flavor of bringing data into CRM . To others, it’s like pretzels and chocolate, the perfect combination of salty and sweet, with a bit of crunch to boost adoption of CRM users.

The Challenge of Building a Successful Data Migration App

Data migration between Salesforce organizations can be a very tedious effort with traditional tools like Data Loader. The first step in data migration, is mapping the fields. A challenge that is much like trying to make a white wine vinaigrette, where you mix together the white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, then ever so slowly, and with the whisk constantly moving, add in the olive oil, until the condiment becomes smooth and slightly creamy. For data migration, you must do this one object at a time, painfully slow, with manual insertion of the related record IDs into the target org. Not only is that a slow process, it’s also very prone to errors. Now there is an easier and faster way!

Introducing X-Author’s Data Migration Wizard

X-Author’s Data Migration Wizard enables a one-of-a-kind data migration experience. You avoid the error-prone, manual data migration app creation process and gain more time for testing. It’s like those meals in a box you can order online. Where all the ingredients are perfectly portioned, and delivered to you with tan easy to follow recipe. The Data Migration Wizard takes the worry, and the time, out of building data migration apps by accurately identifying and understanding the correct lookup fields, external ID, etc. The Wizard is the chocolate to the salty, crunchy data that you need to move, and when combined in a powerful and reusable way, it provides sweet success for building apps in minutes, not months. With the Data Migration Wizard, you easily create data migration apps that can move data from a sandbox to production, or from one Salesforce org (or Microsoft instance) to another. You can even use the Wizard to create apps to migrate data between CRM systems, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Why is Building Apps with X-Author’s Data Migration Wizard Faster?


The Data Migration Wizard itself.

The Wizard enables fast, accurate data migration app building and understands lookup fields, external IDs and calculates dependencies on objects.

All or Partial Data.

A migration can include all data, or a subset of data from any object or objects, and data can be filtered using attributes from either a specific object or its related objects, with all associated downstream object records automatically included during the data download.

Automatic Related Record ID Inserts.

Data uploads are sequenced by object, making it very simple for X-Author to pass any parent record ID to other object records being inserted.

Reusable Templates.

X-Author templates are easy to create and maintain with Excel, and the same templates can be used for data downloads, data uploads, and are reusable across Salesforce orgs

The Benefits are Clear.

X-Author’s Data Migration Wizard provides the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to facilitate data migration between CRM orgs or instances. Download the Data Migration for Salesforce Datasheet for all the details. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM instead? Read all the details in the Data Migration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Datasheet.


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