Data Integration



Dear Admin,

I’m pretty new to Salesforce and just took over as the Administrator for my very first company. I’m thrilled. I’m scared. I’m overwhelmed with data! It’s driving me crazy and I’m already losing sleep over it. Where do I start? What can I do to get all this data usable quickly?


I Want to Use CRM



Dear I Want to Use CRM,

Welcome to the Salesforce Community! You may not know it yet, but you are already on the right path to finding the answers to your questions. Try not to worry about it so much you lose sleep, that’s what Dreamforce week is for – losing sleep, but for totally different reasons. Now onto your real issues. You need some guidance on how to tackle the being overwhelmed with data, and what can be done to make it all useful. Here’s 3 items off the “food for thought” menu that should help you plan your attack and can get all your data where it should be – inside your CRM!

Data Integration

Tip #1: Data Preparation

Spend time with your data. Learn all about it. Get to know the fields, the data types, any calculated fields. Get down and dirty with your data! Who owns it? Where does it come from? This is the ideal time to also consider a data cleansing effort, including de-duplication and duplicate prevention.

Tip #2: Data Movement

Move past your data. I know, you’re now thinking, “What? It’s all about the data!” and in reality, it is. Stay with me here…in order to build out the best, most efficient workflows and processes, you also need to understand what happens to the data, who uses it and for what purposes. If it’s sales leads, what causes it to become an opportunity? If it’s an opportunity, what causes it to progress in the stages and increase the probability of resulting in a closed-won deal? There’s a lot to think about!

Tip #3: Data Analytics

Data is still just a bunch of numbers at this point. Some would even say it is still meaningless and of no value. The real value comes from understanding the story the data is telling, and what decisions can be impacted by the knowledge hidden within. Back to our sales example – would it be beneficial for a sales team to know at a glance how many opportunities seem to be stalled, for how long, and which ones they are? Build out reports that answer those hard questions first, because it’s likely that knowledge gained there can impact sales behaviors and ultimately drive results.

Here’s a few more resources that might help you move things along:

  1. How to Achieve Successful Data Migrations – here’s a recording of a webinar we hosted featuring 3 awesome Salesforce Admins, along with a demo of X-Author for Excel.
  2. Apttus conducted a global survey of CRM Administrators earlier this year to understand what they viewed as important priorities. The results of this survey might help you think about your unique situation in a new way.
  3. How can you help drive user adoption? That’s certainly something you need to consider, and we’ve got some ideas for you.

Good luck with your journey!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin

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