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What are X-Author Pre-Built Apps?

X-Author Pre-Built Applications provide solutions for common process challenges and are ready to use immediately.

Salesforce account management screenshot

Salesforce Account Management

Increase visibility and accountability across all Account-related data by enabling Sales to view all relevant information in a single workbook.

With X-Author Salesforce Account Management, Sales users can manage all Account-related data in a single workbook to significantly boost user productivity and Salesforce adoption. Instead of navigating to and editing each record one-by-one, Salesforce Account Management puts all relevant data in front of the user, so Account-related data—including all Opportunities, Activities, Contacts, and Cases—can be updated in record time.

Salesforce Opportunity Management

No more sending stand-alone Excel forecasts to Sales Managers. With Salesforce Opportunity Management, Sales users can quickly update or add Opportunities in Excel and, subject to Salesforce controls and permissions, Salesforce is instantly updated.

With X-Author Salesforce Opportunity Management, Sales users can quickly and easily retrieve all Opportunities—or a select subset based on an Account or any other field—right in Excel where they are most productive and are likely already managing these ever-changing Opportunities. This results in huge time savings and improved data quality in Salesforce. Users can also benefit from offline and Excel reporting capabilities.

Salesforce opportunity management clear
Salesforce campaign management screenshot

Salesforce Campaign Management

X-Author Salesforce Campaign Management provides fast and easy control over Salesforce Campaigns. Bulk load Contacts and Campaign Members instantly, plus view data across any set of Campaigns in a single sheet.

Also, users can view all Campaign Members and mass update any standard or custom field in Excel, instead of one at a time in the browser.

Salesforce Campaign Management is the fast and intuitive way to build and update any Salesforce campaign, without having to repeatedly re-export data in order to use the sorting and filtering capabilities of Excel.

Salesforce Quoting in Excel

With X-Author Salesforce Quoting in Excel, Sales users can create new or modify existing quotes right from Excel. Salesforce Quoting in Excel provides an incredibly quick way to create quotes and apply local workbook pricing and/or discount logic when deals need to get done fast.

  1. Select an Opportunity, Price Book, and Products
  2. Excel is populated with list prices
  3. Edit quantity and/or discount and add/delete products
  4. Save Quote using Excel
  5. Generate Quote in Salesforce using standard PDF template
Salesforce quoting image