The Complete Google Sheets Solution
for Salesforce

Use Google Sheets from your Mac – or your PC – with X-Author for Sheets

X-Author for Sheets enables you to use Google Sheets as a data entry interface for Salesforce, saving time, reducing errors and increasing Salesforce adoption. Use Google Sheets to update Opportunities, assign Leads, maintain User profiles, mass edit Accounts and much more.

The Convenience of Google Sheets Meets the Control of Salesforce

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Connect Google Sheets and Salesforce
What happens when the best capabilities of Google Sheets and Salesforce—two world-class tools—are combined in one package? You get the controls and security of Salesforce, including the ability to handle the most sensitive and mission-critical information produced by every kind of organization, paired with the flexibility and productivity of Google Sheets. X-Author for Sheets is the solution that makes this incredible connection possible. No cut and paste necessary, no email required.

Achieve Salesforce User Adoption and Productivity
The biggest barrier to gaining value from Salesforce is getting your teams to use it. X-Author for Sheets is the perfect answer to the adoption challenges faced by many organizations. By adding Google Sheets as a data-entry interface for Salesforce, X-Author makes daily Salesforce users ten times more productive, and drives their Salesforce adoption to 100%. Your teams are happier and more productive, and can use their added time to focus on their goals—such as crushing their sales quotas. Enable your team to do more and boost Salesforce adoption and productivity today.

Create Incredible Apps Combining Google Sheets and Salesforce

With X-Author for Sheets, you can:

  • Sign in to Salesforce—right from Google Sheets
  • Retrieve, update, create and delete Salesforce records (all subject to Salesforce permissions and validations)
  • Work with any Salesforce standard or custom objects
  • Work with parent-child objects
  • Use Salesforce picklists (all types) in Google Sheets
  • Save updates across objects back to Salesforce with a single click
  • Use Google Sheets charts and analytics with live Salesforce data
  • All Salesforce security is enforced in Google Sheets (for example, validation rules and permissions)