Salesforce User Adoption and Productivity

Boost productivity by up to 10x working with Salesforce data in Excel

X-Author is the ultimate tool for boosting Salesforce productivity and adoption. Using familiar Excel tools, users adopt Salesforce seamlessly and organizations can achieve 100% adoption. With the familiar Excel interface, users are able to achieve dramatically increased productivity and can complete their Salesforce work up to 10 times faster.

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Increase Salesforce Adoption

Dramatically improve Salesforce adoption and usability by enabling users to utilize the familiar and fast Excel UI to work in Salesforce. Excel becomes the Salesforce user experience, so users do their Salesforce processes at Excel speed and update Salesforce every time.

Instead of creating records one at a time in the browser, users can create parent and any level of child records from Excel. X-Author supports all picklists, record types, online and offline lookups, lists, matrices, and forms.

• Make Excel a complete user interface for Salesforce
• Achieve full Salesforce adoption

Maximize Salesforce Productivity

X-Author for Excel makes it extremely easy to edit and create Salesforce records, including Opportunities, Tasks, Leads, Campaigns, Cases, or any other standard or custom object. Users can work with multiple objects on a single worksheet, regardless of their relationship. Data can also be displayed on multiple worksheets and can interact with formulas or macros.

With data residing in Salesforce and not in data silos, multiple users can work in Salesforce simultaneously using the same Excel template. X-Author logic prevents data collisions, allowing any number of users to safely work at the same time.

X-Author maintains data integrity in a way Excel alone cannot, ensuring that fields for each record remain associated with that record and that all permissions, hierarchies, roles, and rules are observed. Users can sort or filter in Excel without risking data integrity.
Users can update Excel templates when offline and update Salesforce once reconnected, enabling users to work anyplace and anytime.

• Edit any number of related or unrelated Salesforce objects in one Excel worksheet
• Support any number of users simultaneously
• Maintain full Salesforce data integrity working in Excel
• Work in Salesforce while offline

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