Sales Forecasting with X-Author

What is Sales Forecasting?

Sales forecasting is a critical component to any business because it is the practice of forecasting the amount of sales you expect the organization to achieve over a specific period of time. Forecasts are what a company base their business decisions on making accurate sales forecasts extremely important. Organizations that have a lot of historic data can start to see trends which will help with more precise forecasting. Newer organizations can sometimes struggle with building forecasts largely on assumptions and utilizing inaccurate data, especially if there is not a good sales process in place.

Deliver on Sales Forecasting Principles

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Compare Forecast Numbers

Combining and comparing forecasts by division can be a near impossible task for large sales organizations. The ability to quickly and easily compare probable and cumulative forecasts to understand trends are key features of X-Author. Without this, you are reducing visibility, alignment and are subjecting yourself to potential revenue risk.

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Provide Forecasting Accuracy

The first place to look when assessing forecast accuracy is within your CRM system since forecasts are built from data. Sales teams are notorious for managing their opportunities outside of a CRM or find updating important information – projected close date, deal size, probability of close – for multiple deals cumbersome and time consuming. This impacts the effectiveness of a sales forecast. X-Author allows sales members to enter deal or opportunity information into Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a familiar user interface – Microsoft Excel.

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deliver on sales forecasting principles

Report on Pipeline Flow

X-Author allows sales leadership to easily organize and track information for each rep, product, promotion or channel, something that is difficult to do in Salesforce or other CRMs. Discover and share insights sooner and stay on top of trends that affect sales goals. Forecast summaries are available with a click of the button, instead of looking at multiple different CRM reports, plus because everything is in the Excel interface, executives and leaders can quickly filter, sort, and more – commonly used Excel functionality.

Understand Your Entire Pipeline

Pipeline is the most important factor for a company’s viability. Not enough pipeline limits the ability to hit goals. The stages of a sales pipeline must be followed in order to identify qualified sales opportunities within a given timeframe. It is important to have the right mix of deals in agreed upon stages. X-Author gives visibility into the amount of opportunities in each stage, time they have been in each stages, next steps to advance the deal, and analytics around what you have created versus what has closed. This gives your organization a rep-by-rep level of what pipeline is needed to hit their targets.

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How X-Author Automates Sales Forecasting

Businesses today often utilize disparate spreadsheets filled with information that may or may not be pertinent to business. X-Author, on the other hand, provides one singular view – across every object or related object in your CRM ecosystem. Most importantly, when organizations manage business outside of approved tools, the most critical data may or may not be getting back into your core system and entering data twice is just not best practice. X-Author not only gives you a one-stop-shop, but also automates the updating of CRM data the first time.

Get accurate forecasting with X-Author, plus discover other benefits, such as: downstream and upstream alignment, complete enterprise visibility, faster decision making, and line of sight to the most important pursuits.

The Benefits of a Sales Forecasting Solution

Sales reps need a productive way to view all of their opportunities and be able to update them on the fly. Sales leaders need a more effective way to view all deals in their business unit and understand the pipeline and forecast in a moment’s notice. Executives need to quickly understand what deals they are in, which are the biggest and which need support. Opportunities need to be updated in the CRM frequently. Trend analysis and the ability to do modeling off of historic data shouldn’t be impossible.

All of these pain points can be solved with a key sales forecasting solution. It’s time to embrace Excel as a complete data entry, data update, and reporting tool for Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, saving your reps hours and enabling precise forecasting and compensation. It’s time for X-Author.

Get accurate forecasting with X-Author, plus discover other benefits, such as: downstream and upstream alignment, complete enterprise visibility, faster decision making, and line of sight to the most important pursuits.

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