Legacy Excel Processes on Salesforce

X-Author supports automation of legacy Excel processes using the capabilities of Salesforce

Automatically sync the latest data to Excel, use Excel features such as filtering and calculations, and load results back to Salesforce where they can be used in Sales, Marketing, Finance, and other teams.

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Online spreadsheets using Salesforce

Bring all the capability of spreadsheets into Salesforce using seamless Salesforce integration. Work with Excel on the desktop or work in cloud-based spreadsheets and collaborate through the Salesforce platform. Each user can have up-to-date information and formulas, without any need to worry about file versions or data loss.

X-Author enables integration of spreadsheets into Salesforce, so legacy Excel processes can be brought into Salesforce. Save time and reduce risk of errors with legacy Excel processes on Salesforce.

Salesforce Excel Import

X-Author enables users to import Excel data to Salesforce directly, adding or updating any number of records. If users are in Salesforce, they can incorporate the output of Excel formulas and macros into Salesforce records with one click, eliminating cumbersome and error-prone manual processes.

• Create one-click data uploading for global users right from Excel
• Control spreadsheet versioning and data consolidation with Salesforce

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Custom applications using Salesforce

Develop custom applications using Salesforce and Excel, using legacy Excel workbooks or workbooks created from scratch. Easily create custom applications that automate Excel-based processes with the power of Salesforce.

• Build Excel applications using any number of Salesforce standard or custom objects
• Use Excel spreadsheets and collaborate with global teams using the Salesforce platform

Salesforce Excel Template

Create reusable, native Excel templates with Salesforce integration in as little as 10 minutes. No programming is required to build multi-object templates. X-Author templates include Objects, Fields, Display, and Save layouts and allow the template designer to sequence Actions in any order.

X-Author allows each user to use powerful and familiar Excel analytics with Salesforce data. See charts and graphics with live data from Salesforce.

• Create Excel templates to update any Salesforce records using point-and-click tools
• Use Excel analytics with live Salesforce data

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