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Integrating Your CRM With Excel

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Why Integrate Excel into Your CRM?

Streamlined processes go hand-in-hand with increased efficiency and productivity which help to grow a successful business. Oftentimes, companies struggle with departments using disparate tools, causing inefficient data and processes. The best example of this is the continued use of Microsoft Excel after a change management project that implements a fully functional CRM platform. Users enjoy working in Excel but organizations want to make the most of their costly investment. Ultimately, each tool has its benefits and limitations.

Excel helps compute complex business calculations such as price lists, forecasting, trend analyses, and budget allocation. It has also been accepted as the standard spreadsheet tool in business today meaning most, if not all, users are familiar with how to use it. Unfortunately, Excel is limited in its capability to collaborate with other systems.

On the other hand, CRM platforms have their benefits: improved customer experience, analytics and reporting, connected business processes, shorter sales cycles, and scalability, just to name a few. It’s common for organizations to experience pushback from users after a CRM implementation, causing user adoption to suffer which, in turn, has an impact on the overall success of the implementation.

crm excel integration brings powerful capabilities

Capabilities of a CRM and Excel Integration

X-Author for Excel brings together the power of Excel and your CRM platform. All users in your organization can use Excel and Salesforce together to dramatically boost productivity and increase user adoption. Admins can work in the Excel interface to maintain and migrate data in record time while business users can get their work done at Excel speed.

Using X-Author, you can create apps specific to any solution you may need to solve. You can also take advantage of pre-configured apps that have been created for the most popular use cases, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

  • Salesforce Account Management: Easily manage all Account-related data in a single workbook without clicking through and editing individual records.
  • Salesforce Opportunity Management: Quickly and easily edit all Opportunities (or a subset of Opportunities filtered by field) in Excel instead of the browser.
  • Salesforce Campaign Management: Bulk load Contacts and Campaign Members instantly into Excel and view data across any set of Campaigns in a single sheet.
  • Salesforce Quoting in Excel: Quickly create or modify quotes and apply local workbook pricing and discount logic when deals need to get done fast.

Benefits of Integrating Excel into Your CRM

Learning a new tool takes time and effort; time and effort that could be used to do other things, such as sell, create and build relationships, allocate budgets, project sales, etc. Most users are already familiar with Excel and prefer to keep using that tool.

Allow your users to continue working in the Excel interface, while updating real-time CRM platform data with X-Author. Your organization will reap the benefits of increased CRM user adoption:


  • Improved data quality
  • Increased CRM database integrity
  • Up-to-date reporting
  • Effective customer interaction
  • Increased visibility and transparency
crm excel integration has many benefits
X-Author is a true crm excel solution

X-Author: A True CRM and Excel Solution

X-Author for Excel isn’t limited to any one department. You can benefit from the power of bringing together Excel and your CRM platform whether you’re in IT/Admin, Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing, or Finance.

  • IT/Admin: Migrate data faster, maintain data from one workbook, increase user adoption, easily manage user profiles, share data, solve unlimited solutions on just one platform
  • Sales: Easily make updates to Accounts, Opportunities, Activities, Contacts, etc., create quick quotes in Excel
  • Sales Operations: Let reps manage fields easier, create more accurate forecasts, control realignments, split commissions with ease
  • Marketing: Manage prices in a single Excel workbook, create promotions with less effort, create more accurate Campaigns, run reports in real-time with up-to-date information
  • Finance: Track budgets seamlessly, forecast faster, automate demand planning, schedule revenue without hassle

Harness the power of Excel and your CRM platform with X-Author. Contact us for more information.

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