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Increase Productivity and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Solutions for Your Needs

X-Author is scalable to the needs of any organization, from small companies just getting started with Salesforce, to the largest global enterprises supporting thousands of team members across the globe. X-Author is deployed today to solve both common business challenges and highly complex and specific needs of individual businesses. And X-Author adds value for any role in the company—if you use Excel or Salesforce today, there is an X-Author solution to help you.

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Connecting Excel and Salesforce

What happens when the best capabilities of Excel and Salesforce—two world-class tools—are combined in one package? You get the controls and security of Salesforce, able to handle the most sensitive and mission-critical information produced by every kind of organization, paired with the flexibility and convenience of Excel. X-Author is the tool that makes this incredible connection possible.

Achieving Salesforce User Adoption and Productivity

The biggest barrier to gaining value from Salesforce is getting your teams to use it. X-Author is the perfect answer to the adoption challenges faced by many organizations. By adding Excel as a data-entry option for Salesforce, X-Author makes daily Salesforce users ten times more productive, and drives their adoption of Salesforce toward 100%. Your teams are happier and more productive and can use their added time to focus on their goals—such as passing their sales quotas. You’ve never seen anything else that can create such an improvement in Salesforce user adoption and productivity.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

Moving Legacy Excel Processes to Salesforce

When Excel and Salesforce are paired with X-Author, you can automate your existing Excel processes. Formerly time-consuming, manual tasks become enterprise processes with Salesforce as a secure back end. Hours of manual data preparation and handoffs are replaced with one click to populate a template. Companies have taken processes that formerly took weeks down to hours or even minutes, thanks to X-Author. You don’t need to change how you run your business—with X-Author you can use Excel and Salesforce together and make your existing processes faster and easier.

The Easiest Salesforce Data Loader

Mass data loads can be a hassle, requiring lots of preparation and testing just to make sure data is transferred correctly and doesn’t violate any restrictions on record relationships, volumes, and other rules. With X-Author, hassles are a thing of the past for all data loading tasks. X-Author provides an unlimited data movement experience, using convenient Excel tools to conduct all data operations. With X-Author you have the easiest and most powerful Salesforce Data Loader at your fingertips.

X-Author Screenshot
X-Author Screenshot

A Better Salesforce Data Migrator

Administering Salesforce orgs is a constant stream of maintenance tasks. If you spend hours each week moving data into, out of, and between instances, you know that data loading tasks are repetitive and tedious using existing tools. X-Author changes everything. Using X-Author, you can set up templates one time and use them forever to power one-click data loads without limits and restrictions. Save 80% of the time needed to move data between Salesforce orgs using X-Author, your ultimate Salesforce data migrator.

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