Leap year happens every four years which, coincidentally, is about how often your sales reps want to update their opportunities using traditional methods in Salesforce. Trust me, I’d know, I’ve been in Sales for over 10 years.

Let’s look at this process: I open an opportunity, I update the close date, scroll down, update notes and activities, partner status, white spacing, scroll down, open the quote within the opportunity, update through a menu, re-price, save, close, go back to the opportunity, review, close out the opportunity, type in next opportunity, open opportunity, repeat, repeat, repeat.

It was tiring just typing that out. I’m going to pause and take some Advil.

This process is not only cumbersome and time consuming, it also causes employees to rush. With so many clicks needed just to empty the information from their brains into many different fields on different screens, information can be mistyped. All these manual entries leave room for error, which can cause a domino effect where decisions are made based on reports and forecasts from inefficient and incomplete data in Salesforce. Things could also go the other way: reps may find the process too time-consuming and choose not to update Salesforce at all, causing user adoption issues. There’s also the matter of sales productivity. So much time can be spent creating and updating opportunities in Salesforce that reps don’t get to do what they’re
best at: selling.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

“With Apttus X-Author we have seen a 95% improvement in maintenance time… We have eliminated the possibility of data re-work and inaccuracies.”

Trisha Buyer, Financial and Operational Controller, Phocuswright

Imagine this: You open a sheet, all your opportunities and fields are on one page. You update them one by one without leaving the screen/window, you hit a button and it all syncs to Salesforce in real-time. You just updated everything in a matter of a few minutes as opposed to 30 minutes or more.

X-Author by Apttus is an application platform that turns Microsoft Excel into a complete user interface for Salesforce, enabling users to add and update any number of objects from Excel while maintaining the permissions, rules, and security of Salesforce.

X-Author has helped companies all around the world overcome inefficient data reporting, achieve 100% user adoption, and save valuable time. Learn how World Water Works reduced proposal generation time by more than 50% by skipping the extra step of data entry.

Now ask yourself, why in the world haven’t I already leaped into X-Author?

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