Looking back at the first year of the Nerdforce Podcast

We did it! Nerdforce has burst through our first year and we believe we have made something special here. When we first met we both recognized something special within the Salesforce Community and made it our goal to harness this special power building something amazing. Sure, we use the term Nerd almost to the point of exhaustion; and Nerd Culture is a common thread among us and all of our Guest Accomplices, but the Phoenix Feather core to this magic wand is old fashioned, comfy conversation. When you listen to a Nerdforce Podcast, you hear great friends talking about things that they care about. You want to hear more about Kristi‘s drive to build something amazing with Southeast Dreamin’. You are captivated by Zachary’s and his thoughts on Leadership. Your heart pounds for the passion behind Jennifer’s ambition and Nana’s perseverance.

John and Nana of Nerdforce

To celebrate our first year Nana and I are doing a number of things. We want to make not only a cannon ball splash, but a strong positive impact. We love the familiarity of the conversation, so below is a back and forth conversation between Nana and I as we discuss our ups and downs through the year and our goals for the next few weeks and beyond. Thank you Niki & Shailla and all the great people at Apttus for standing behind Nerdforce and giving this platform to speak to so many people. We thank all of you for being part of the Nerdforce Nation. Thank you for laughing with our silliness and get involved with the conversation. We promise to make this coming year even better.

John: Hi Sis! What do you think of the opening paragraphs? Do you think I captured the basic ideas behind Nerdforce? When we first came up with the concept, I never would have guessed at the volume of support we have gained

Nana: You hit it out of the ballpark John! When you came to me just over a year ago with the concept I thought, what the heck, can’t hurt to try. I’m always up for something new and secretly always wanted to be a DJ so the idea of speaking into a microphone and just talking about our nerdy passions was really appealing! Honestly I wasn’t sure whether we’d have ‘staying power’ – we aren’t a traditional podcast in this realm and don’t fit the traditional ‘teach something’ mold.

nana from nerdforce.

I think our podcast is different from most in that we aren’t solely focused on a specific topic. It’s not all about Salesforce and not all about video games or super heroes. It is to highlight that thread that ties all of us together – that sense of passion that emanates from everyone in our community. We don’t all have a passion for the exact same things (besides Salesforce), but we all have a passion for SOMETHING. Whether it’s 80’s movies, car engines, crystals, crafting, or collecting something, we attack it with passion. And that’s what makes the conversations fun for me – when someone is passionate about something it exudes from their pores, from their very being and that makes for an awesome listen!
Ok – So John we are both obviously passionate about our podcast – was there a moment this year that you felt like we had passed the ‘test’? That we might actually have a legit thing going?

John: Interesting… Obviously, there are number of times that make me proud to be a podcaster. There was the Salesforce World Tour in Dallas where you and I talked to a number of awesome people. What I loved about that is not a single person balked at the offer to be on our podcast. It felt amazing to know that Holly, Molly and Joni took us seriously. I took it as personal victory that Mike gave us credence as well. It is one thing to be accepted into a community, but when you say you want to build something bigger than yourself and everyone walks over to be involved… That’s something you don’t experience often.

Oh, also, after we talked about “Ready Player One” for like the sixth time and people continued to listen; it became apparent that they would listen to us talk about anything.

Nana: Ok that made me laugh out loud. Too true! We do tend to beat dead horses a bit – maybe that’s something we should work on for the upcoming year! More awesome guest accomplices and less of the words, “Amazing” and “Absolutely”! I love how you put that about people walking over to be involved. That’s such a great way to describe it! We got such amazing assistance and advice from other podcasters too! And I also have to mention the guest hosts that stepped up when I was out of commission for a while due to that dastardly tornado. This is such an awesome community of people that our jobs as hosts are easy!

Laugh as one from nerdforce

And I, for one, am super stoked about our Dreamforce plans. All focused around gathering as much nerdiness as we can in one room and ultimately giving back to those in need. It will be nerd-tastic!

John: I know, right? Maybe it’s my Solo Admintality (Is that a new word for the Nerd Dictionary?), but I love all the collaboration we have gotten on NerdforceCon16. We took a little idea and it began to grow and grow until we have this perfect storm of Nerdy Awesomeness. It feels like all of this has come around because you guys are humoring my newly formed infatuation with pretend dragons.

What spurred me along though is seeing a close friend get caught up in a horrible illness that ravages children. I’m from the outside looking in. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a Father or Mother who has to muster up all their courage just so they can be strong for their kid. That’s why I found Extra Life. These guys help those kids while bringing fun and laughter to the world. That lines up perfectly with the Nerdforce mentality.

Nana: It most definitely does! What an awesome way to culminate the first year of the Nerdforce podcast! I can’t wait to see everyone in person and thank each of them for the support they’ve given us, all while supporting such a great cause.

the nerdforce logo

John: As we wrap this up today, I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who came out of the woodwork to be part of the Nerdforce Podcast and to support our NerdforceCon Fundraiser. All of our Guest Accomplices over the year have been amazing and many of them revisited the podcast for our Nerdiversary episode coming out as you read this. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Dreamcrate, such as Jennifer Wobser, Kelly Bentubo, Steve Molis, Misty Jones, Financial Force, Eric Dreshfield and Shell Black. I personally appreciate everyone participating in D&DF16. Thank you to Samantha Safin, Amber Boaz and Brian Kwong, and especially Mark Ross for developing an entire world for us as the Dungeon Master.

Most notably, Nana and I also want to offer our very sincere gratitude to Shailla Chand and the whole team at Apttus. Having a physical place to meet and play games in the heart of San Francisco is a very difficult resource to come by and we would not have been able to tie all of our efforts together if it were not for their sponsorship. So let me offer this challenge to the Nerdforce Nation. While you are exploring Dreamforce, your mission is to High-5 a Green Shirt. There is a plethora of Green Shirts and many won’t have anything to do with NerdforceCon, but my experience is they are pretty good people.

As we leave the listeners (readers) today, we wanted to give some places to look further into all the stuff we have been working on. For those of you new to Nerdforce, we leave a slew of Links to interesting nerdy places on the interweb. So click around on these “GrabBags” and join in on all the fun of NerdforceCon.

This has been Nerdforce John, and as always I am here with…

Nana: Nerdforce Nana. Thanks for reading guys! Nerdforce Out!

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