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  1. Origin: Derived from the Latin root “apt” means suitable, capable and ending “us” denotes speed
  2. Definition: Deep Capability, Speed

At Apttus, the category-defining and leading Quote-to-Cash (QTC) software provider, we’re driving the vital business processes between a buyer’s interest and the realization of revenue.  Apttus’ offerings are fueled by the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, which maximizes the entire revenue operation by streamlining and improving business processes, aligning and driving revenue winning behaviors and recommending relevant, intelligent actions. No other enterprise software provider has ever used technology in this way, and as a result, Apttus is uniquely positioned to deliver successful customer outcomes, improving the realization of revenue from the top-down, while solving common business problems within the sales cycle.

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud powers all of Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash solutions, including Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Management, E-Commerce, and Revenue Management. We combine these process-based applications with modern and innovative behavioral applications including promotions, sales compensation and rebates to align and drive revenue winning behaviors across all your sales channels.  All our applications can be further enhanced with machine learning to recommend relevant, intelligent actions making all your sales channels more effective and our conversational and intuitive user interfaces, making it easy to learn and use our applications.  Additionally, Apttus’ X-Author solution increases adoption of these tools across your organization by allowing Microsoft Word and Excel to function as user interfaces dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of data input, manipulation and reporting and X-Author can be used to improve the adoption of CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Apttus Intelligent Cloud runs on the worlds’ most trusted and comprehensive cloud platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure making it easy and quick to implement, customize, support, maintain, scale, and grow.

Only Apttus offers complete automation of revenue operations from beginning to end, successfully transforming the Quote-to-Cash process for some of the largest and most complex businesses around the globe. As 600+ customers and 1 million+ users worldwide can attest, Apttus is the largest, most experienced and capable Quote-to-Cash solution provider, and has been committed to innovation and evolution throughout its long history.

With 1,100+ employees in nine global locations, 25+ certified consulting partners and 1000+ professional resources committed to your success, Apttus is your trusted business advisor for Quote-to-Cash business transformation. Ready to join the world’s largest Quote-to-Cash community and get connected to leaders, achievers, and innovators in your field? Then it’s time to transform the way you drive revenue, engage with customers, and grow your business with Apttus.

Apttus is based in San Mateo, California, with 9 offices across the globe including Chicago, Montana, London, India, Japan and Australia.

Our patented X-Author technology has transformed hundreds of companies.

X-Author has always allowed Apttus Quote-to-Cash customers to do more faster with their Quote-to-Cash applications. Now this innovative technology is available for any requirement—so you can streamline any business application, while increasing collaboration, productivity, and CRM adoption across your organization.

X-Author brings the power of the Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms to Microsoft Excel by making Excel a powerful and secure user interface for CRM. This technology enables unique capabilities that provide incredible benefits for Sales, Sales Operations, IT, Marketing, Finance, and other roles.


The Apttus Management team is comprised of visionary, experienced, and passionate leaders dedicated to the success of Apttus customers, partners, employees, and the company at-large.



Apttus’ explosive growth and dominant marketplace positioning has resulted in a tidal wave of top-tier press coverage, game-changing announcements, analyst kudos, and influential thought leadership.



The Apttus team is ambitious, energetic, and lives by our Tier 1 philosophy: we strive to be exceptional in everything we do. If that sounds like you, learn more here.



Apttus has created a powerful partner ecosystem that includes two types of partnerships, implementation and technology. To learn more about each area, click here.



Business transformation is only possible through partnership. As you embark on your transformation journey, Apttus is with you every step of the way.



Apttus has offices and representatives across the globe to provide Tier 1 representation to all of our customers. Get in touch with us!


“We are passionate about innovation, quality and delivering Tier 1 solutions to our customers. Everybody is an equal, every person has something to contribute and everyone is important. These are the reasons behind Apttus’ history of success and astronomical future.”

Kirk Krappe, CEO

Apttus is built upon three principles: Tier One Everything – striving for excellence in every facet. We’re intensely passionate about innovation, quality, and our customers. Our second foundational principle, naturally, is 100% customer satisfaction, our minimum measurement of success. The Apttus team is fully committed to delivering products and services that will meet or exceed our customer community’s expectations. We crave constant feedback on performance and are dedicated delivering complete customer success.

Lastly, everything Apttus does is about people. Apttus buys from, sells to, and works with people. Everyone is an equal, everyone has something to contribute, and everyone is important. We foster an environment of teamwork and mutual respect that applies to everyone in the Apttus network. People are what have made Apttus successful nearly a decade and will continue to do so in the years ahead.